Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Washington Coast Hike - June 7 - 11, 2008

Gray Whale Scale
At the end of the school year, the Adventure Education class headed out to the Washington coast for a twenty-five mile hike from Rialto Beach to Cape Alava. One memorable aspect of the trip was a rain and windstorm that pounded the group on the third day. To weather the storm, a tarp shelter was built against a rock face at Yellow Banks. Students helped keep a fire burning just outside the shelter to provide warmth. A steaming foot bath was created using a half-buoy filled with water and hot rocks from the fire. The group also had a chance to inspect a beached whale that had rolled up on the shore of Cape Alava. I enjoyed hiking with this group of students who exceeded my expectations in their confrontation with adversity.
Yellow Banks Shelter
Water Source
Many thanks to Charlie Snelling, Steve Scoles, Sarah Diers and Micah Sewell. It would have not been the same without your help and leadership.

Nels Bergquist