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Santa Cruz Island Trip - January 12 - 21, 2008

In mid-January, the Adventure Education class embarked on a trip to Santa Cruz Island, off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Nighttime temperatures were mild, and daytime highs peaked in the mid 70’s. Highlights included lively conversation on the Coast Starlight Amtrak train, exploring the Santa Barbara mission, attending classes at University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), a catamaran ride, camping and hiking on Santa Cruz Island, viewing island foxes, walking a slackline, playing mission impossible and witnessing the birth of a grey whale. Students’ comments follow:

Birth of a Gray
On the way back from the island we caught a catamaran. The captain of the catamaran pointed out the whale to us. He told us it was a Gray and told us some information about it. He said it looked like it was lost, confused or pregnant. We followed it for awhile, and soon after out came a baby gray whale. I still have a hard time believing it. I feel so lucky for having that experience.
- Sam D.

The first thing I learned was to take care of my belongings. I forgot to put my hat into my tent that night. As I approached my tent Micah was videotaping me for some reason. Then Jesse told me a fox left a present in my hat. I reached my hat and there it was, a fox dump. It was funny but gross.
- Brittany

This trip has changed my life and will always stay with me.
- Jimmy

This trip teaches you to accept people for who they are and try to always get along. I learned more about some people that I had not spent much time with before. I’m now friends with a lot more people and closer to more friends.
- Will

When I went on this trip I saw how hard it can be to live with very little money. How to compare different products, I found myself checking can sizes and prices on every brand of salsa in the store. I learned how to get more bang for my buck, and how important some of the smallest details can change your budget. This was a very good lesson learned though, and I am very glad I learned it.
- Sam L.

On the catamaran trip to Ventura we witnessed the birth of a California Gray Whale. This was a once in 500 lifetimes chance. It was something I will remember forever.
- John

We had a lot of down time and extra time on the train. During this time we used it to talk and play games. A lot of people shared old stories and memories. I think that was really cool because I left the trip knowing more than I did before.
- Jessica

I learned that when you go on an Adventure Education trip it always doesn’t have to be in the woods, it can be anywhere, like in the city or to another school.
- Brianna

I was so lucky to be able to have this opportunity, and I think that more schools should have programs like this. I hope to have a trip like this again soon!
- Tommy

One day I was up till dark slack lining trying to perfect my technique, and it paid off. On the last day at the island I could walk all the way across the line. My record was twelve steps.
- Daniel

Visiting the university was very interesting. I attended a Greek Mythology class with literally hundreds of people. The university was very big, with bike trails running throughout it. From being in this Adventure Ed. program I’ve learned many things, and it has influenced me to travel and backpack more.
- Riley

I have to say I loved this trip. My whole life I have wanted to go to California, and I went there and it was awesome. I even got to go by myself. The really cool thing about Adventure Ed. is that I’m pretty sure that no other schools get to go places for ten days or even two. This is the best class that you could take in my perspective. This trip was also one of the most fun trips I’ve ever gone on. I encourage anyone who reads this to go outside and just explore, go walking, see where it takes you and enjoy it.
- Quintin

California was really fun. I hope to come back and show people its true beauty and its wounds.
- Pat P.

I learned that you need to make sure your tent mate zips up the tent or the raccoons will eat all your food and the foxes will chew holes in your shorts. I learned that I can’t sleep very well on trains, but I can manage when I haven’t had much sleep. I can rely on myself. I make good decisions. I’m a strong person. I have more confidence in myself now. I learned that I can survive on my own, but I’m happy to come home to my family.
- Jesse


Many thanks to Charlie Snelling, Gena Kraha, Micah Sewell and Ramona Emerson. Your efforts made this trip another success.

Nels Bergquist

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Glad to see you guys got to go on the California trip again, looks like you learned tuns and had an amazing time!