Friday, January 13, 2006

Day One - The Train Trip to Glacier National Park - January 9, 2006

When we got to the train station it was around 4:10 and we found out that our train didn't leave till 5:45. None of us knew that we were getting there so early! So all of us sat in the station for what seemed to be forever. While we waited for the train all we could do was buy stuff from the coffee place and sit on the stairs. Tabitha and I were really bored so we went to the coffee place and bought some Italian sodas that had no flavor and were really gross. At around 5:35 everyone was starting to think that the train was going to be late when suddenly the train pulled up! We all abruptly grabbed our bags, which were all overly packed, and loaded the train. The train was two stories tall, but was surprisingly short. I was so amazed when I walked up the stairs; there were so many seats and it was really nice. For the whole night we watched movies and saw how many people could fit in one seat. One of the movies we watched was WAR OF THE WORLDS, and we also watched a bunch of other movies. The most people we could fit in one seat were five: me, Tabitha, Laurie, Conner and Kaylea. I stayed up till about 1:00 am but some people stayed up all night on the train.

By Alissa

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