Friday, January 13, 2006

Day Three - Building the Snow Quinzhees - January 11, 2006

Today when I woke up I was so tired. I heard the breakfast bell ring and headed over to the dinning hall. I stepped outside and just about froze to death! For breakfast we had eggs, hash browns, and English muffins. After breakfast my clean up group was assigned to clean up duty, so we had to do dishes and clean off the tables. When we were all done with the torture I went over to get ready for the day. We went on a snowshoeing hike and it was pretty fun but it made your feet feel really heavy. Later when we got back we had lunch, sandwiches again! Then we had another class. We learned about fire ecology and it was really interesting because all the trees around us had been torched by a huge forest fire. Also after the snowshoeing hike we started to build the snow quinzhees. They had to be 5 feet tall and when you dug them out it had to be 12 inches on the bottom and 8 inches on the top. Then later we got a little bit of free time and I watched a movie while everyone else was out digging out the quinzhees. Finally it was time for dinner. We had homemade pizza and salad. It was quite good. During part of the dinner Mr. B was outside digging out the rest of the quinzhees. After dinner we played Jeopardy on all the stuff that we had learned and that was fun. For dessert we got popcorn and everyone pigged out. Most all the girls after the game and dessert were fighting about who got to sleep in the snow shelters. But finally we just said who cares and we all slept outside in the snow and let the boys sleep in the snow shelter. I woke up in the morning around 3:00 am and was covered in snow, so we all went inside to sleep.

By Shayna

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