Friday, June 25, 2010

Washington Coast Hike - June 7 - 11, 2010

Setting Out - Yellow Banks, Washington Coast Hike
In June, the 7th/8th grade Adventure Education class ventured out to the Washington coast for a five day backpacking trip. Students experienced a downpour on the second evening that tested the quality of their tent pitching skills. Those that woke up damp were reminded of their dry beds at home. I'm guessing that they were more appreciative of their houses on Whidbey Island upon returning. Students hiked to the top of the pinnacle at the Cedar Creek site for a breathtaking view of the coastline. Many enjoyed a short dip and wave-hopping in the Pacific at the Yellow Banks campsite. Groups stopped at the Wedding Rock site and hunted for Makah petroglyphs. One particular design, discovered by Cali, depicted a hunter firing at what appeared to be a deer. Beachfires, which offered a social place to dry shoes and get warm, were built all four nights on the coast. Students spent ample time warming themselves around the campfire. Mafia, a campfire who-done-it game, was played most every evening after the sky grew dark. Malika, after taking milkshake bribe from Mr. Sage, carried a blue and white buoy approximately ten miles to the trailhead. Students and staff signed the buoy, making it a valuable keepsake for centuries to come. The trip ended with our traditional stop at Fat Smitty's restaurant where everyone enjoyed a large burger and shake.

Student hikers on this trip exceeded my expectations. Their willingness to step out of their comfort zones and positive attitudes are a pleasure to be around. Adventure Education students prove that the youth of today still find pleasure amongst adversity.

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Special thanks to chaperones Charlie Snelling, Roc Gianni, Tom Sage and Christian Gaggia. Your expertise made this trip another success.


Nels Bergquist

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