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Elwha River Hike - October 25 - 29, 2010

Fine Catch - Elwha River, Washington
Due to large waves on the Washington Coast, the 7th/8th grade Adventure Education class chose to hike the Elwha River Trail on the Olympic Peninsula.

The class was met with pouring rain immediately after exiting the private bus. Wet and cold defined all of Monday. It was a relief for both students and chaperons to climb into their tents and slip into relatively dry sleeping bags at the end of the day.

Tuesday was devoted to building and maintaining a campfire. Mr. Snelling found several large chunks of dry cedar in the forest. He and several students busied themselves splitting kindling. This wood helped build the foundation for our late-morning fire. By the early afternoon, students had dried most of their damp gear and clothing. Many students kept warm sawing downed alders into rounds and carting them to the fire area. Maintaining a fire in the forest was a formidable task in late October. The group succeeded through hard work and cooperation.

Wednesday through Friday was spent hiking/exploring the Elwha River Trail. At the Mary Falls campsite, rudimentary fishing gear was provided to students. Anthony caught a trout that was hiding among the rocks on a slow-moving portion of the river (see above). The weather held, and students started warming fires that lasted into the evening.

The group hiked a total of sixteen miles over the five-day trip. Adults were proud of the work ethic and never-quit attitude of the group.

We are all looking forward to the salmon returning to the river after the dam comes down.

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Special thanks to chaperons Charlie, Jessica, Tracy, Christian and Kat.


Roc Gianni and Nels Bergquist

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