Friday, April 14, 2006

California Trip - April 2, 2006

Adventure Ed students woke up at 6:00 AM in the Langley Middle School Library. After cleaning up, everyone boarded the bus. The group then caught the 7:30 AM ferryboat bound for Mukilteo. We arrived at King Street Station ( in Seattle at approximately 9:00 AM. The train was delayed so students and chaperones had the opportunity to explore the Pioneer Square Area. Mr. Lars Bergquist, a Seattle Public schoolteacher and chaperone on the trip, led students to Occidental Park ( This historic park proved to be a high interest area where students were eager to snap off several pictures. The Adventure Ed class boarded the Coast Starlight train and left Seattle at approximately 11:20 AM bound for Salinas, California. Students busied themselves on the train by working on math homework, socializing with friends and enjoying the scenery of the west coast. That night, students slept in the overhead luggage racks as well as across and under their assigned seats.

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