Saturday, April 15, 2006

California Trip - April 6, 2006

The weather in the Ventana Wilderness was too unpredictable. The group’s focus shifted to exploring Monterey and the surrounding area. The students awoke early and prepared to find out what Monterey had to offer for the days ahead. The majority of the group hiked to the Monterey Harbor ( and stopped in at the Harbormaster building. Maps were provided as well as tips on where to go and what to see in Monterey. The group was told that people under sixteen years of age could fish without a permit. This was good news to many in the class. Several students tried their hand at fishing off the Municipal Wharf ( near the Harbormaster building.

After lunch, the group took advantage of the warm, sunny skies and played a game of “Ultimate Frisbee” at the Monterey Bay Park. The game drew the attention of a local television network. The pair of journalists were out to capture people enjoying a rare, sunny day in Monterey. Students in the group told them that they had spent the night before in the sleet at Big Pines camp. The television crew was delighted at their luck, and for the next hour the cameras rolled. Extensive footage was taken of the Frisbee game. The news crew then began interviewing individuals. The group was willing to comply.

After the interviews were over, the group walked to the Monterey Sports Center ( The group was very impressed with the facility and decided to spend a large portion of the following day there. The Adventure Ed class was able to take advantage of a reduced rate of $3.00 per person for the entire day!

After stopping at the Monterey Sports Center, the group walked to a public park on the banks of Lake El Estero ( Students saw fishermen with their limit of five Dolly Varden and decided to try their hand. According to one local, the lake had just been stocked. The Frisbee was taken out and a “Flyers Up” game started. Another part of the group, who had visited the mall, joined the majority of the group at this time.

Because the group would be swimming at the sports center the next day, the class walked several miles to the local Goodwill. Many purchased $3.00 swimsuits. The group then walked back to St. Timothy Lutheran and enjoyed the lasagna and salad that the church provided. The entire group was very thankful for their generosity.

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