Thursday, April 20, 2006

California Trip - April 9, 2006

Students woke early, ate breakfast and worked on their journals. Many students were running low on cash, and the group liked the idea of selling lemonade on the Monterey waterfront to help recoup their losses. Posters and donation boxes were constructed out of cardboard. At approximately 10:00 AM, the group wrapped themselves in the yellow emergency blankets that the Cachagua Fire Department ( had given them and embarked on a two-mile trek to the waterfront. The group found a spot by a large fountain in the middle of Monterey State Historic Park. This ideal location was short-lived. The group was told that a permit was needed for the area. Students found an available area outside a Wells Fargo Bank a few blocks to the south. The lemonade business was lukewarm at the new location. The rain began to fall with regularity. Students took a quick break in a Taco Bell located close to the lemonade stand. Inexpensive meals were purchased. Students then went back to St. Timothy Lutheran Church for games or walked to the Monterey Public Library. Later, all met at the church for dinner and a movie.

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