Friday, April 14, 2006

California Trip - April 4 - 5, 2006

Adventure Ed students caught the Carmel Valley school bus from St. Timothy Lutheran Church to Los Padres Dam. The group experienced sun and rain on the bus ride in. It started raining when the group reached the area of the dam. Students pulled out umbrellas and put on ponchos.

The group began the hike to Big Pines camp. Everyone experienced rainy conditions throughout the day with short breaks of sun. Andrea fell and cut her knee shortly after we began the hike. The group stopped and made a shelter with umbrellas. Mr. Scoles and Mr. Snelling, both chaperones on the trip, treated Andrea’s cut. The small cut was treated with antibiotic ointment and a bandage. The group headed up the trail. Students climbed a switchback trail to the top of Blue Rock Ridge. Hikers had to beware of poison oak during this portion of the trail. Raymo put his leggings on shortly after beginning this portion of the trail. Raymo was the only student to experience the effects of poison oak during the trip. Students stayed with adult chaperones throughout the hike. Breaks were taken at regular intervals. Students were encouraged to eat and drink frequently.

Three students, who were hiking with Mr. Snelling, made camp early. These students were Raymo, who was recovering from the flu, Stephan and Guy. The group used a combination of sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tarps and tube tents to make their camp. Mr. Snelling radioed ahead and told the other chaperones that he was pitching camp early.

At 4:00 PM the other sixteen students and chaperones arrived at Big Pines camp. It was not raining at the time of arrival. Mr. Bergquist set up tube tents. Many students had wet clothes. Students were told to change wet clothing and climb into sleeping bags inside their tube tents. After students were settled, Mr. Lars Bergquist and Mr. Scoles left Big Pines camp to help Mr. Snelling set up camp below. At about 4:30 PM it began to rain at Big Pines camp. This rain continued until 6:00 PM when the rain turned to sleet. The precipitation alternated between rain and sleet throughout the night with occasional breaks. Mr. Bergquist and Mr. Lars Bergquist checked in with students throughout the night. At 4:00 AM, Mr. Bergquist told students that they would be heading back down the trail at daybreak. At approximately 7:00 AM, Mr. Bergquist told students to get dressed, pack their bags and get ready to go.

The group spent approximately four hours in route to the dam, which included breaks for water and food. As forecast, the day was mild with many sun breaks, which the students stopped to enjoy. The Cachagua Fire Department ( met the group at the trailhead. The hikers were pleasantly surprised to see them. They were a marvelous group of people who supplied the Adventure Ed group with dry clothes, hot beverages and soup.

The Carmel Valley school bus took the Adventure Ed group back to Monterey’s St. Timothy Lutheran Church. Students took wet, dirty clothes to the Laundromat across the street from the church. There the students met two twins, Ellen and Elaine, who the whole group would get to know as being extremely caring individuals. The “Laundry Twins” provided the class with extra time at the Laundromat, food and well wishes for the remainder of the trip.


Anonymous said...

We were more than happy to assist your group.
Skee Stanley
Fire Chief
Cachagua Fire Protection District

Wes said...

you did well

shank of lamb said...

thank you for every thing

Lainey t said...

Thanks so much Mr. B! this was the coolest, funnest, rainiest, snowiest, best camping trip I'v ever been on. This trip was really fun, and I appreciate everything you did to help us out during the camp out. Sacrificing your dry clothes and sleeping for us kids to try to stay warm. Everyone was pretty glad to get out of there, and it was really cool that you made a really good effort for the trip to still be really fun for us all. The sports center was really fun too, and I am really glad for the Laundry Ladys and the Fire Station in Monterey. Thanks for everything "B"!